Les Emballages M.R.A. Provinciaux inc.
W  O  O  D        P  A  L  L  E  T  S

For the past 20 years, Les Emballages Provinciaux Inc. has specialized in the construction of all kind of wooden boxes, crates and pallets.

What makes the difference between our competitors and us is our ability to make custom made products, so our client's needs are met.

We are also certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for any exportation needs.

Our products can be shipped all over the world.

Our reputation and work history has earned us a diverse clientele. With our team spirit, quality products, service and competitive prices we are a supplier that you can trust.

Les Emballages M.R.A. Provinciaux inc.
1120, rue Armand-Bombardier
Terrebonne (QC) Canada J6Y 1R9
Phone: 450-435-7770
Fax: 450-435-7550
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